About the Archive

V2_'s archive documents the history of V2_ Organisation and its activities since 1981.

About the Archive

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The V2_archive collects documentation about events, people, organizations and artworks, and includes essays, interviews and publications that have played a role in V2_'s history. The emphasis of the V2_ archive is on digital-born information connected to the history and activities of V2_. On November 29th 2010 the contents of the previous archive website were migrated to the current V2_website.

The V2_archive does not intend to cover media art in a complete or objective way, but emphasizes V2_'s specific approach towards electronic art and unstable media. In this way, it should be considered complementary to the documentation collected by partner institutions and individual artists. As a rule, we only cover and describe works, people and activities that have a direct relation with V2_'s activities in the present and the past.

The archive is a work-in-progress, the data is subject to continuing revision and improvement. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the completeness and correctness of information contained in this data collection. Visitors to the archive portal are welcome to provide additions and corrections to the data found in the online archive, taking the archive's scope into account. Comments can be sent to the archive's editorial team: archive[a]v2.nl

The physical archive of V2_ consists of videotapes in various formats of about 750 hours of event and art work documentation, a collection of about 15.000 photographs and a growing number of digital videos, next to posters, audio tapes, CD-ROMs and DVDs, old websites, a small library with books and magazines on new media art and adjacent fields, these are broadly related to the programs that V2_ has developed from 1981 until now.

The physical archive focuses on V2_'s perspective on media art. The physical archive is located in the V2_ building, Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It can be visited for research purposes and by appointment only. For an appointment, please contact archive@v2.nl or call +31 10 7501525 at least one week in advance.

The archive is an ongoing research project. Formerly, the online archive's descriptions and documentation focused on the timespan from 1993 - historically coinciding with V2_'s relocation to Rotterdam and increasing focus on network technologies. Currently, descriptions and documentation of earlier activities are gradually added to and published on the website.

In 2009 and 2010 the V2_archive team worked on the development, refinement and augmentation of the archival module for this website, also as a replacement of the old archive website. V2_archive collaborates with De Balie in Amsterdam on the development of this archival module, as well as on, amongst others, the development of a videoplayer. This was made possible thanks to a generous grant from SenterNovem.

The software which ran the old archive website alas did not function well anymore. All of the contents of the archive were migrated to the current website at the end of 2010. Not all of this content is available for website visitors yet, as it needs to be editted and sometimes corrected. Next to editing this content, the archive team is in the process of digitizing the most important parts of the physical archive, and will make those files available in the digital archive too.

The old archive website was available at archive.v2.nl from 2003 till February 2011. It had to be taken offline also because the server on which the software ran caused a security problem for the V2_ network. The old archive-website was archived as a DVD – excluding some image and movie material – and is available as a disk image for those interested. URLs starting with 'framework.v2.nl' which used to point to the archive, are now redirected to the current website.


Terms of use

The information in this online archive is collected and edited by curators, researchers and editors employed by V2_. Most information is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Exceptions and special arrangements are as follows: articles, essays and interviews that are or were part of V2_'s publications and of readers in the context of V2_'s activities remain copyrighted to their original authors. Most of the photographic material in V2_'s archive was created by freelance photographer Jan Sprij. For obtaining permission for the reproduction of photographs, please contact sprij@xs4all.nl


Telephone: +31 10 206 7272
Archive general: archive[a]v2.nl
Joke Brouwer (manager): jb[a]v2.nl
Arie Altena (editor, media archivist): arie[a]v2.nl

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