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Collection of essays on the merging of the biological with the technological.

Stefaan Decostere

Stefaan Decostere (BE) makes media installations and produces documentaries for television . His ...

Warum Wir Männer die Technik so Lieben

"Warum Wir Männer die Technik so Lieben" is a documentary film made by Stefaan Decostere in 1985 ...

Iedereen een kunstenaar

Een boek van Ruben Jacobs over authenticiteit, kunstenaarschap en de creatieve industrie.

Een stuk van mij gaat een paar keer

Een ‘snelcursus’ kunst en documentatie door Arjen Mulder.


"aRt&D: Research and Development in Art" provides a unique insight in the art practice where ...

Wiretap 1.02 - Lessons in Modesty Feb 25, 1995 12:30 PM

Focused on Stefaan Decostere's 1995 same-titled film, this program looks at the relationship ...

Ine Poppe

Ine Poppe (NL) is a documentary maker and writer.

Wiretap 3.10 - TechnoMorphica Nov 16, 1997 02:00 PM

The bookpresentation of "TechnoMorphica" with participating authors Stelarc (AUS), Detlef Linke (D) ...


Muscha (DE) (1951-2003) was a painter, video artist and film maker.

New Book by Carina Hesper New Book by Carina Hesper

'Like a Pearl in my Hand' is a new book by former Summer Sessions artist in residence Carina ...


Stelarc (AU) is a performance artist exploring human-machine interfaces.


Gardens is a video by Stefan Decostere.

Maurizio Lazzarato

Maurizio Lazzarato (FR) is a sociologist, philosopher and writer.

The Vibrancy Effect

(e-Book) What are the ethical, aesthetic and political stakes in understanding a world view in ...

Angels in Hell

Essay by Stefaan Decostere for "TechnoMorphica," 1997.

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