Essays and articles from V2_ books, interviews with artists, and various writings about V2_ activities, including reviews of events and exhibitions. This page displays the last additions or changes.

Estonian Internet/Poetry Scandal: the Case of Sven Kivisildnik

Article by Heie Treier explaining the internet poetry scandal around Sven Kivisildnik which took place in 1996.

The Representation of the Body under 'Communism'

Article by Marina Grzinic (1997).

NGOs and the myth of civil society

Paper by Paul Stubbs (1997).

Art, Power, and Communication

Statement, via e-mail, by Alexei Shulgin on art, power and communication (1996).

From alternative scene to art video

Article by Barbara Borcic about video production in Slovenia.

On the resistance to net/media-art

E-mail by Geert Lovink, reacting to a statement by Alexei Shulgin.

Something that almost does not exist

E-mail statement by Alexei Shulgin about the state of the arts in Moscow in 1996.

The physical body in our technological culture

Statement by V2_, about the research theme for 1993.

Media Art in Albania, First Steps

Interview by Geert Lovink with Eduard Muka.

The Clockwork of our Mind (excerpt)

Excerpt from "The Clockwork of our Mind" by Douwe Draaisma.

Digital Infinity

Short essay by Nadia Palliser.

In conversation with Eike

Short interview with computer artist EIKE (2000).

Writing Machines

Text by Mark Fisher about cyberpunk.

DEAF00 Digital Dive workshop report

Report written by Eric Kluitenberg about the DEAF_00 Digital Dive workshop on online archives.

What to do without resistance?

An Afternoon in Zero Gravity. Report by Nadia Palliser about Wiretap 6.11 (2000).



Essay by Margarete Jahrmann about the artist-in-residence and software project "Nybble-Engine-Toolz", developed with Max Moswitzer at the V2_Lab (2002).

Zero Gravity

Lecture by Michael Benson during Wiretap 6.11 (2000).

Playing The Arcades Project With The Ludic Society

Playing The Arcades Project With The Ludic Society

Report by Omar Muñoz-Cremers about The Evening of Ludic Society, DEAF07, 2007.

Pressure on Online Artistic Freedom

Article by Yvette van Nierop about Rhizome and The Kingdom of Piracy.

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