Essays and articles from V2_ books, interviews with artists, and various writings about V2_ activities, including reviews of events and exhibitions. This page displays the last additions.

De Gids on Vital Beauty

De Gids on Vital Beauty

"Schoonheid voor de 21e eeuw" by Arjen Mulder, De Gids, July 2012 (Dutch).

PhD Thesis Andreas Broeckmann

PhD Thesis Andreas Broeckmann

A zipped copy the complete text of the PhD thesis by Andreas Broeckmann.

V2_OS faq

V2_OS faq

This is the the text of the FAQ-file of the V2_OS open source operating system, originally from 2000.

Insular technologies

A civil tactical response to signit communities: a workshop report (1999).

Culture, Copyright, Commons

A report (2003) by Sandra Fauconnier about Wendy Seltzer talk on Creative Commons and Chilling Effects Clearinghouse.

Copyright and alternatives: an overview

An article by Sandra Fauconnier on open access, open content, open source software and copyright (2003).

Auteursrecht: ontwikkelingen en problematiek

A Dutch article by Sandra Fauconnier on open source software, copyright and open content (2002).

Putting artists on-line

A short article by Alexei Shulgin on Russian (1996).

Cine Fantom

An essay on Russian Parallel Cinema by Olia Lialina (1996).

Behind the Screen / Russian New Media

An essay by Lev Manovich (1997).

New Space in the Electronic Age

An essay by Peter Weibel on German endo-physicist Otto E. Rössler.

Great moments in gaming history

A lecture by Martin Berghammer, during Wiretap 5.13, on the history of computer games.

RE: explained

RE: explained

Video interview with Carolien Teunisse and Bram Snijders on their augmented reality work "RE:"

Augmented Society – Debate & Meet the Scene (report)

Augmented Society – Debate & Meet the Scene (report)

Report by Nadia Palliser about the Augmented Reality events at DEAF2012.

Deep_Europe Visa Department

Deep_Europe Visa Department

A report by Kit Blake (1997) about the Deep_Europe workshop at Documenta X.



Short report in the form of a blogpost about the symposium Vital Beauty at DEAF2012, written by John de Weerd.

We Are All Crew (Blowup Reader 4)

We Are All Crew (Blowup Reader 4)

We Are All Crew is the fourth Blowup Reader. It was edited on occasion of the centenary of Marshall McLuhan's birth and the Blowup event at V2_.

Strate­gic Arts Ini­tia­tive 2.0 (Text)

Strate­gic Arts Ini­tia­tive 2.0 (Text)

A text by Derrick de Kerckhove about the 2011 exhibition Strate­gic Arts Ini­tia­tive 2.0.

Strate­gic Arts Ini­tia­tive 2.0, in­for­ma­tion on the works

Strate­gic Arts Ini­tia­tive 2.0, in­for­ma­tion on the works

Short information texts about the works in the Strate­gic Arts Ini­tia­tive 2.0 exhibition, part of the 'We Are All Crew' Blowup Reader.

McLuhan in Eu­rope 2011

McLuhan in Eu­rope 2011

A text by Stephen Kovats about the relevance of McLuhan in 2011.

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