Latest Added People and Organizations

Matteo Pasquinelli

Matteo Pasquinelli is a visiting professor in media theory at Karlsruhe University of Arts and ...

Monteur Verlag

Monteur Verlag was the Dutch label of Fredie Beckmans and Yntse Vugts.

Emilie Bernier

Emilie Bernier teaches Political Theory.

Richard Dienst

Richard Dienst is Associate Professor of English at Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences.

Elettra Stimili

Elettra Stimili is a philosopher.

Ewald Engelen

Ewald Engelen (NL) is a Professor of Financial Geography at the University of Amsterdam.

Wolfgang Streeck

Wolfgang Streeck is a sociologist.

Detlef Mertins

Detlef Mertins (US) was an architectural theorist.

Tomas Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno is an artist.

McKenzie Wark

McKenzie Wark is Professor of Culture and Media at the New School in New York.

Paul Frissen

Paul Frissen is Professor of Public Administration at Tilburg University. He has published widely ...

Graham Harman

Graham Harman is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Southern California Institute of ...

Paolo Cirio

Paolo Cirio is a programmer and media artist.

Sjoerd van Tuinen

Sjoerd van Tuinen is Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Man and Culture at the Faculty of ...

Lars Spuybroek

Lars Spuybroek is Professor of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

Timothy Morton

Timothy Morton is a professor and the Rita Shea Guffey Chair in English at Rice University, Houston.

Luciana Parisi

Luciana Parisi is a reader in cultural theory, the chair of the Ph.D. program at the Centre for ...

Willem Schinkel

Willem Schinkel is Professor of Social Theory at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Rene ten Bos

René ten Bos is Professor of Philosophy in the department of management sciences at Radboud ...

Diana Scherer

Diana Scherer is an artist

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