Latest Added People and Organizations

Michel van Dartel

Senior Curator at V2_Institute for the Unstable Media and Research Professor at Avans University of ...

Miguel Carvalhais

Miguel Carvalhais is a designer and musician.

Marloes de Valk

Marloes de Valk (NL) is a software artist and writer.

Nicolas Maigret

Nicolas Maigret is a critical media artist and curator.

Constanza Casamadrid

Constanza Casamadrid is an artist from Argentina.

May Heek

May Heek is an artist who lives and works in London and Amsterdam.


DIASPORA is an artistic duo project by Constanza Casamadrid and Juan Camilo León.

Juan Camilo Leon

Juan Camilo León is product designer.

Tin Dozic

Tin Dožić is a sound artist from Croatia.

Claudia Oliveira

Claudia Oliveira (PT) is a multimedia designer and new media artist.

Rae Yuping Hsu

Rae Yuping Hsu is an artist from Taiwan.


PLATEAURESIDUE is a young initiative creating visual artistic strategies against passivity towards ...

Magnus Bugge

Magnus Bugge (NO, 1988) is a Norwegian synthesist, composer and sound artist.

Yeoul Son

Yeoul Son is an interactive video and installation artist originally from South Korea.

Alex Falk

Community manager and community catalyst at V2_.

Rick Dolphijn

Dr. Rick Dolphijn (1974) teaches and does research on cultural theory at large.

Eric Kluitenberg

Eric Kluitenberg (NL) is a writer, organizer and theorist.

Annet Dekker

Annet Dekker is an independent researcher and curator.

Boris Debackere

Lab Manager at V2_ (Management Team Member).

Henry Andersen

Henry Andersen is a Brussels-based visual artist and composer from Australia.

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