Latest Added People and Organizations

Florian Weigl

Curator at V2_.

Pascal Gielen

Pascal Gielen is full professor of sociology of art and politics at the Antwerp Research Institute ...

Eric Bolle

Eric Bolle (NL) is an architect - philosopher.

Marc Trinkhaus

Marc Trinkhaus is a sound designer.

Steffen Armbruster

Steffen works in the field of immersive spacial media installations.

Sebastian Olma

Sebastian Olma is an Amsterdam-based author, critic, and sometime consultant with a critical view ...


Pangani is an austrian psychedelic music project formed by Sebastian Frisch in 2014.


Quayola is a visual artist based in London.

Gustav Metzger

Gustav Metzger was an artist, known as the leading exponent of Auto-Destructive Art movement.

Hans Abbing

Hans Abbing (NL) is an economist, artist and photographer.

Femke Herregraven

Femke Herregraven is an artist who explores which new material base, geographies and value systems ...

Matteo Pasquinelli

Matteo Pasquinelli is a visiting professorĀ in media theory at Karlsruhe University of Arts and ...

Monteur Verlag

Monteur Verlag was the Dutch label of Fredie Beckmans and Yntse Vugts.

Emilie Bernier

Emilie Bernier teaches Political Theory.

Richard Dienst

Richard Dienst is Associate Professor of English at Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences.

Elettra Stimili

Elettra Stimili is a philosopher.

Ewald Engelen

Ewald Engelen (NL) is a Professor of Financial Geography at the University of Amsterdam.

Wolfgang Streeck

Wolfgang Streeck is a sociologist.

Detlef Mertins

Detlef Mertins (US) was an architectural theorist.

Tomas Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno is an artist.

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