Critical Art Ensemble

Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) is an American artist-activist collective. They coined the term "electronic civil disobedience."

Critical Art Ensemble

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Critical Art Ensemble is a collective made up of five artists and activists (Steve Barnes, Dorian Burr, Steve Kurtz, Hope Kurtz and Beverly Schlee) devoted to exploring the territory where art, technology, radical politics and critical theory meet. Critical Art Ensemble has developed the concept of electronic civil disobedience based on the street civil disobedience model. The Ensemble's website provides links to their Tactical Projects and Biotechnology Projects, as well as their excellent on-line publications in PDF format (also published by Autonomedia). The group's writings form an important critical contribution justifying attacks on social authoritarianism and the ideology of power. Their ebooks include The Electronic Disturbance, Electronic Civil Disobedience, Flesh Machine and Digital Resistance

Interview by Josephine Bosma (1997)

Essay by Steven Kurtz (1997)

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