DIRECTIONS, Inc. is a Japanese visual content production company.


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DIRECTIONS, Inc. produces visual content primarily for TV channels, guided by the keywords edutainment, creative, and subculture: We go beyond "visual production", and are actively engaged in artist management for visual creators and development of original visual display technology.

DIRECTIONS, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Tom Nagae, and is successful in engaging internet technology in TV programs. Major works produced by DIRECTIONS, Inc. include the animations Time of EVE (2008-2010), Hoshi Shinichi’s Short Shorts (winner of the 37th International Emmy Award Comedy Category), the interactive children TV program BITWORLD (2009 BANFF World Television Festival Best Interactive & Immersive Interactive Rockie Awards; 2009 Good Design Award Media category), and Schola: Ryuichi Sakamoto’s School of Music (2010).

As the producer of the Palm Top Theater device, DIRECTIONS Inc. handles overall strategy, including mobile platform development, and features works by five animators who have created content for music videos, children’s programming, and Hoshi Shinichi Short Shorts. Visual and acoustic artist Noriaki Okamoto composes music in the folktronica genre, the newest permutation of electronica pop music, and won the Encouragement Prize/Animation Division at the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival for his animation ALGOL. Tayuta Mikage is acclaimed for his visual expressions and novel yet nostalgic style, and his numerous honors including selection for the French animation festival Annecy in 2006. Masashi Yokota creates delightful and quirky videos incorporating digital photography and real-world spaces, and his signature style can be found in collaborations with acclaimed visual creator Chie Morimoto and segments for children’s TV. Mitsuo Toyama’s short animations evoke intensely personal experiences like childhood loss and death through watercolor drawings and original soundtracks that he composes and performs.  Shuhei Shibue’s hysterically grotesque visual style has graced projects including music videos, program opening sequences, and short animations, and also won the Encouragement Prize/Entertainment Division at the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival for the movie Run, Melos!

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