MAÑANA ArtsBeatsGoodlife is an initiative of cultural entrepreneurs Baschz and Julstar.


Mañana at Noordkaap [foto © Jan Sprij]

Baschz has a background in visual arts, Julstar in music and they’re both professional goodlife artists. Mixing this up is what makes Mañana: parties, events and exhibitions where you can both make your moves and fancy all kinds of art forms.

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Baschz Leeft

Baschz Leeft (NL) is a multimedial visual artist.

Pedro Bericat

Pedro Bericat (ES) is an artist.

Bernd Kastner

Bernd Kastner (D) is an artist and sculptor.

Martin Schitter

Martin Schitter (AT) is an audio artist, programmer, and thinker.

Joop van Brakel

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Lia (AT) is a software artist.

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Lauran Schijvens

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Francis Hunger

Francis Hunger (DE) is an artist, designer and programmer.

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