The People Speak

The British art collective "The People Speak" aims to provide tools for the world to take over itself.

The People Speak

The People Speak

The creative, technologically minded art collective The People Speak makes it easy for people to talk to each other in fun and creative ways. From street corners to conferences, events, museums and schools, their tools help people get involved in the discussions that matter most to them.

The People Speak create projects that give people an excuse to enjoy speaking to each other. The formats look familiar at first: a chat show, a game show or even a soccer kick-about, but once people are involved, there’s no limit to where they can take each other. No instruction manual is required, and The People Speak like to have as much fun and get just as involved as everyone else.

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Mikey Weinkove

Mikey Weinkove (UK) is a co-founder of "The People Speak" and originator of the "Talkaoke."

Saul Albert

Saul Albert (UK) is a researcher and artist.

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Rick Sleiman

Rick Sleiman (UK) is the driving force of The People Speak.

Marguerite Humeau

Marguerite Humeau (FR, 1986) is a designer on a quest to explore contemporary myths: the grey and ...

Joan Heemskerk

Joan Heemskerk (NL) is one half of Jodi.

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Virtual Conversation

Virtual Conversation (1995) is a CD-Rom published by the VPRO.


x-space was an Austrian artist collective.

Zsolt Balogh

Zsolt Balogh is the visualiser-in-chief of The People Speak.

Bureau d'Etudes

Bureau d'Etudes is a French-based collective, merging the artistic, political, scientific and ...

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