Virtueel Platform

Virtueel Platform is the Netherlands’ sector institute of e-culture. Virtueel Platform is an independent foundation funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


Virtual Platform defines e-culture as new developments in the cultural sector arising from cross-pollination between technology and society. Virtueel Platform firmly believes that e-culture makes an essential contribution to cultural, social and economic innovation, and works to strengthen and develop Dutch e-culture at home and abroad.


Observation and documentation:
Virtueel Platform undertakes to report and document Dutch e-culture developments and activities in order to make this knowledge available to all its target groups, and in the hope that these activities will promote knowledge exchange, interconnection and inspiration.

Facilitation for e-culture organizations:
Virtueel Platform aims to create the national and international conditions needed to foster improvement and innovation in the e-culture sector, principally by stimulating the dialogue on new developments that is taking place between e-culture makers and policymakers and between cultural organizations themselves.

Broadening the field:
Virtueel Platform wants to see e-culture more strongly linked to the wider cultural sector, education, science and business, it wants these sectors to become better acquainted with the possibilities of technological innovation, and it wants to create opportunities to foster cross-overs and partnerships. Virtueel Platform therefore organizes numerous activities which allow people from these different sectors to meet.

Target Groups

  • e-culture organizations
  • policymakers in government, sector institutes and funding bodies
  • other organizations (cultural and otherwise) seeking to use e-culture to power innovation

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