Vita is a solo project by Swedish musician Mikael Stavöstrand.



Vita is a solo project by Swedish musician Mikael Stavöstrand. He produces a remarkable form of techno, also known as click-techno, in which tight but modest techno rhythms are combined with all sorts of digital disruptions.

Mikael Stavöstrand has been lauded as important figure of the electronic music scene for his unique interpretations of minimal club techno as well as for producing some of the most essential experimental electronic music of the past years. Stavöstrand mixes deconstructed sounds with funky little beats to create minimal dance textures. On his debut album on Force Inc., Reduce, swarms of glitches, crackles and skips infiltrate the 4/4 drive formula of minimal techno. As Vita, his Vita 12 on Force Inc. imprint Force Labs was welcomed by critical praise and became one of the best selling releases with its digitalized organic groove.

The last years he has been playing live around the globe, as himself or as The Skull, Vita, Bulgur Brothers, Ortega & Stavostrand, Skugge & Stavostrand, and Men in Slippers.

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