x-space was an Austrian artist collective.


from the Winke Winke project, 1993

Gerfried Stocker and Horst Hörtner founded x-space in 1991. They both had a technical background, before turning to an artistic practice. x-space is a workgroup to realize interdisciplinary projects in the electronic arts, interaction, robotics and telecommunications. People connected to x-space include Arnold Fuchs, Anton Maierhofer, Wolfgang Reinisch and Jutta Schmiederer,

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STATE OF TRANS/m/ISSION Nov 10, 1994 08:00 PM

A live radio project, part of DEAF94 (1994).

Gerfried Stocker

Gerfried Stocker (AT) is an artist, and Artistic Director of the Ars Electronica Festival.

DEAF94 Digital Nature Program Booklet

Booklet with the program for the 1994 Dutch Electronic Art Festival.

DEAF94 Exhibition Nov 08, 1994 01:00 PM

Exhibition of interactive artworks, part of DEAF94 "Digital Nature".

David Blair

David Blair (US) is a filmmaker.


Gardens is a video by Stefan Decostere.

Francisco López

Francisco López (ES) is an acclaimed experimental sound artist.

Ken Montgomery

Ken Montgomery (US) is a sound artist.

Walter van der Cruijsen

Walter van der Cruijsen (NL) is an artist an curator.

Ennio Bertrand

Ennio Bertrand (IT) is a light and installation artist.

Designed Nature Nov 12, 1994 09:00 PM

Film program part of DEAF94.

The Collective Collage

A collective artwork at DEAF94 (1994)

As Above So Below Nov 08, 1994 09:00 PM

Concert opening of DEAF94 (1994)

Scientific Nature Nov 12, 1994 10:00 PM

Film program, part of DEAF94.

Captured Nov 08, 1994 09:00 PM

Concert, opening of DEAF94 (1994).

Ulrike Gabriel

Ulrike Gabriel (DE) is an artist.

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