Cultural institutes, artist collectives, museums, research labs, university departments, art academies, educational initiatives, and their relations with V2_activities. This page displays the last additions to the database.

Permanent Breakfast

the continually ongoing breakfast in the open space


Köhn is a project by Jürgen De Blonde.

Ovil Bianca

Ovil Bianca is a project by Tim Wijnant.

Chaos Computer Club

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) was founded in 1981 in Berlin, it is one of the biggest hacker ...

Herrmann & Kleine

Herrmann & Kleine are Thaddi Herrmann and Christian Kleine.

Zesde Kolonne

Dutch production organization and foundation.

Video Inn

Video Inn was the first Canadian video collective, it opened in 1973.

NAi Publishers

NAi Publishers (NL), connected to the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), is a ...

Piet Zwart Institute

The Piet Zwart Institute is an Institute for Postgraduate Studies and Research.


Rnul Interactive is an initiative of interaction designers Aart Muis and Rob Donkers.

Centrum Beeldende Kunst Dordrecht (CBK)

Het Centrum Beeldende Kunst Dordrecht (CBK) is een actief podium voor hedendaagse kunst en ...

Monteur Verlag

Monteur Verlag was the Dutch label of Fredie Beckmans and Yntse Vugts.

Le Syndicat

Le Syndicat is a French bruitist group (and cassette label) started in 1982.

Muslim Gauze

Muslimgauze was a music project of Bryn Jones (1961–1999).

Bureau d'Etudes

Bureau d'Etudes is a French-based collective, merging the artistic, political, scientific and ...

programm 5

programm 5 are Lilian Jüchtern and Nicole Martin.


Code31 doesn't exist anymore, -- actually Code31 was never meant to be a collective.

Workspace Unlimited

Workspace Unlimited is a mobile laboratory and creation space for hybrid and augmented reality.

Ensemble 306

Electro Acoustic Music from Eindhoven based Ensemble 306.


Vita is a solo project by Swedish musician Mikael Stavöstrand.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

EFF: Defending your rights in the digital world

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