Cultural institutes, artist collectives, museums, research labs, university departments, art academies, educational initiatives, and their relations with V2_activities. This page displays the last additions to the database.


DasArts is a post-academic "think-and-do" tank for the performing arts based in Amsterdam.


Rhizome.org is a network.

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy (US) are a new media artist duo.

La Fura Dels Baus

La Fura Dels Baus is a Spanish cutting edge theatre company.


KIBLA is a cultural organization and multimedia center in Maribor, Slovenia.


Snijlab are Christian Waber and Jiskar Schmitz.

Chop Shop

Chop Shop is a project by Scott Konzelmann.

Tuur van Balen & Revital Cohen

London-based, the collaborative duo develops critical design works.

Dose One

Dose One is a rapper.

Vereniging Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland

The DEN Foundation (Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland / Digital Heritage Netherlands) is the Dutch ...


Sarai is a programme of the independent Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in India.

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is a centre of research, teaching and experimental design in Dessau.

Daniel Langlois Foundation

Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology


Tuk is a project of Belgian Guillaume Graux.

Het Apollohuis

Het Apollohuis was a space for experimental music and visual arts by Remko Scha and Paul Panhuysen.


0100101110101101.org is the net.art collective started by Eva and Franco Mattes.

Permanent Breakfast

the continually ongoing breakfast in the open space

Ovil Bianca

Ovil Bianca is a project by Tim Wijnant.

Chaos Computer Club

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) was founded in 1981 in Berlin, it is one of the biggest hacker ...

Herrmann & Kleine

Herrmann & Kleine are Thaddi Herrmann and Christian Kleine.

Zesde Kolonne

Dutch production organization and foundation.

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