Alex Adriaansens

Founder of V2_

Alex Adriaansens studied at the Royal Academy for Art and Design in 's Hertogenbosch (NL). With Joke Brouwer he is one of the founders of V2_. Art, science and technology and how they critique and construct the realities we live in is a major point of interest in his presentations. Alex Adriaansens was director of V2_ until June 2018, and is now an advisor and consultant at V2_. As the artistic director of V2_he was also responsible for the DEAF bi-annual festival one of the major European festivals on art, science and technology.

Phone: +31 10 206 7272


Other engagements:

Alex Adriaansens was/is active in several advisory commitees (a.o. Frank Mohr Institute, NL; Witteveen Bos Award, NL; ), advisory boards (a.o. Transmediale, D; TEKS, NO; China Media Arts tri-annual, CN; ISEA; Todaysart Festival, NL; eArts, CN) and has been a guest curator for several exhibitions (a.o. Meta.morf, NO; MOCA, TW; Itau Cultural, BR).

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