Andreas Ruby

Andreas Ruby (DE) is an architecture critic and principal of Textbild.

Andreas Ruby

Andreas Ruby [Photo: Anja Jahn]

Based in Berlin, Textbild is an Agency of architectural communication founded by Ilka and Andreas Ruby in 2001. Predominantly committed to contemporary architecture and design, they write essays, design books, curate exhibitions and organize symposia for a wide array of institutional and cultural clients.

Ruby studied history of art at the University of Köln, Germany before undertaking post-graduate studies on the theory and history of architecture at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture Paris with Paul Virilio and at Columbia University New York with Bernard Tschumi.

Ruby has taught architectural theory and design at the University of Kassel, Cornell University (Ithaca/NY) and the Ecole Polytechnique Féderale in Lausanne. He is currently teaching the Metropolis program at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona.

As critic and curator in the fields of architecture, design and the visual arts, Ruby writes essays, reviews and articles. Ruby has been on several editorial boards, and he is a frequent final review jury critic, and moderates symposia and roundtable discussions, such as Archilab in Orleans, France; the Graz biennial on media and architecture, or the 1998 Dutch Electronic Art Festival symposium The Art of the Accident.  In this context, he published with V2_ the interview with Paul Virilio Surfing the Accident and the email interview with Lars Spuybroek Where Space Gets Lost in Art of the Accident (1998), and Transgressing Urbanism in TransUrbanism (2002).

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