Angelica D. Schmitt

Angelica D. Schmitt (DE) is a media theorist focusing on the aesthetic quality of interaction.

Angelica D. Schmitt studied Art History, Audio Visual Media and Philosophy. Beside her artistic work, she is a theorist, researcher and author on contemporary media art practices focussed on the impact of digitalization. In the early nineties she started her theoretical research by questioning if interactivity can be understood as an aesthetical quality that is addressing the adaptation of traditional art theory to digital conditions.

Angelica Schmitt has been collaborating with Two Suns Media Development in Berlin for whom she authored the development of processing software for intelligent environments. She participated in several media art projects, conferences and festivals in Europe and China. Currently she is working on her interactive Art-project, a multi-user-environment, where she is transfering the notion of „Interface“ into the epistemological field. In this project she undertakes an extrapolation of western thinking with regard to technological developments and global conditions. She translates the relationship between traditional concepts of perception and a mediated reality into the form of a critical stocktaking research.

With V2_ publishing, she has written Do You Understand Chinese Media-art? on art projects by Yang Zhenzhong, Zhang Peili, Zhou Hongxiang and Hu Jie Ming in 2007s Interact or Die!.

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