Anne Galloway

Anne Galloway (CA) is a social researcher.

Anne Galloway

Anne Galloway; photo: Jan Sprij

Anne Galloway is a social researcher working at the intersections of technology, space and culture. A lecturer and SSHRC Doctoral Fellow in Anthropology and Sociology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, Anne is currently in the final stages of completing her PhD on the social and cultural dimensions of mobility, and the design of mobile and pervasive technologies. Her broader research interests focus on the increasingly blurred boundaries between bodies and machines, and between the digital and the physical. Anne's work has been presented to international audiences in technology, design, art, architecture, social and cultural studies, and has been published in academic journals and industry magazines, as well as discussed in popular newspapers. When not pursuing her own research, Anne enjoys teaching undergraduate courses in critical cultural theory and social studies of science and technology. In her spare time Anne can be found hanging out with her cat, knitting, and reading comics.

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