Bas Vroege

Bas Vroege; photo: paradox.nl

Bas Vroege

Bas Vroege (NL) is a theorist, curator and founder-director of Paradox.

Bas Vroege studied economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and photography at Academie Sint-Joost in Breda. From 1981-1995 he was editor in chief of Perspektief, a bilingual quarterly on photography published by the Perspektief Foundation, Rotterdam. He acted as director of Perspektief from 1980-1993 and the Fotografie Biënnale Rotterdam from 1988-1992, with three editions of this festival (Questioning Europe, Oppositions and Wasteland). In 1993 he founded a new organisation: Paradox. With Paradox he has realized a number of exhibitions, amongst them the retrospective Bertien van Manen, Photos 1977-1997 (Institut Néerlandais, 1997). In 1998 in collaboration with Axis Foundation Paradox showed Avatar in the Old Church in Amsterdam dealing with the notion of the multiple personality in contemporary (digital) society. Bas Vroege is advisor of the MFA photography programme at Sint Joost Academy in Breda.



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