Ben van Lier

Ben van Lier (NL) is Account Director Government at Centric.

Ben van Lier

Ben van Lier

Dr. Ben van Lier CMC is Account Director Government at Centric, a Dutch ICT company with offices in Belgium, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. As part of this role he focuses on research and analysis of developments in the interface between organisation and technology within national and local government, as well as disaster and crisis management.

Prior to his tenure at Centric he held directorships and management positions at government institutions and non-governmental organisations. Alongside his work at Centric, he has achieved his Ph.D. at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University), for which he has done research into the development of hybridization, interoperability and network centric thinking. He has published several articles in different journals about the subject of hybridization, interoperability, systems theory and network centric thinking.

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