Bill Spinhoven

Bill Spinhoven

Bill Spinhoven

Bill Spinhoven (NL) is an installation artist.

Bill Spinhoven installations are interactive, kinetic or computer-based. Many of these are based on software development and examine the perception of time and space. 

A main component in his work is R&D, (which in 2009) focus on an open source creation of an open environment for interactive installations with multiple sensors and actuators; the creation of a flexible video recording system with multiple webcams for the real-time creation of morphs; and the real-time interpretation of images for use in automated story telling.

Spinoven worked as photographer before studying at Technische Universiteit Twente, and at the Akademie voor Kunst en Industrie, both in Holland; he lectured at the Art Academy AKI, Enschede, Holland (2000-2005).




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