Brian Duffy

Evening of Sadie Plant: performance Brian Duffy; photo: Jan Sprij

Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy (GB) is a sound artist and creator of the Modified Toy Orchestra.

Brian Duffy has worked with digital and analogue sounds for many years, producing Nothing, a CD which samples the internal world of the sampler; Watermusic, a system designed to convert ripples on the surface of a Swimming Pool into remixes of Handel's Watermusic; Sound Bed, a device enabling deaf people to experience sound via bone conduction; and many other innovative sound artworks.

Composed of early electronic toys which have been freed from their original programming to become responsive and expressive instruments, Duffy's Modified Toy Orchestra takes the synthesis of sound far beyond the imitative uses to which it is so often put and into a unique and inspiring world of unstable, humorous, and disturbing newly generated sounds. His performances are both exciting audio experiences and demonstrations of some of the most radical and vital themes at the heart of the digital arts.

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