Byungjun Kwon

Byungjun Kwon (KR/NL) is an electronic musician, singer and songwriter.

Byungjun  Kwon

Byungjun Kwon [foto © Jan Sprij]

Byungjun Kwon is a Korean electronic musician now based in The Netherlands. He is an important figure in South Korea’s underground music scene since the early 90s. While his interests range from choreography, sound typography and sound design for public spaces, Byungjun composes for theatre and dance as well as for traditional Korean instruments. 

Byungjun Kwon started his musical career in early 90's as a singer/songwriter and has released several albums ranging from alternative rock to minimal house. He creates music for records, sound tracks, fashion collections, contemporary dance, theatre plays and interdisciplinary events. Recent works and performances have been presented in many international venus. He lives and works in Amsterdam.

Byungjun Kwon participated in the Test_Lab: Happiness on July 10, 2008.

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