Caroline Nevejan

Caroline Nevejan; picture from Doors of Perception 5 (1998)

Caroline Nevejan

Caroline Nevejan (NL) is a researcher and designer.

Caroline Nevejan is a researcher and designer. Currently she is collaborating with Professor Frances Brazier, Systems Foundations at Delft Technical University.

She focuses on 'Witnessed Presence'. Caroline Nevejan is crown member of the Dutch Council for Culture and the Arts (cultuur.nl) and member of the supervisory board of the Foundation for Democracy and Media. Before she was co-founder and director of Waag Society, programmer at Paradiso and member of the Doors of Perception network.





Caroline Nevejan (NL) is trained as a social scientist with a focus on the methodology of research in the communications domain. Since 1988 she has been deeply involved in designing digital culture. In 1994 she co-founded the Society for Old and New Media, together with Marleen Stikker. There she initiated amongst others the development of the Reading Table for Old and New Media, the Piloot project, Demi Dubble, Internet in the Sky, and Brandon (the first virtual piece of art the Guggenheim Museum in New York acquired). Since 1999 Caroline Nevejan has been a senior advisor to the board of the University of Professional Education of Amsterdam, where she designs new learning environments evolving from the rise of the Information Society. She regularly lectures on the development of the information society. She is a board member of the Doors of Perception foundation, and of the foundation Beeldrecht, which deals with artistic authorship.


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