Carsten Nicolai


Carsten Nicolai

Carsten Nicolai's (DE) works lies in the transitional area between art and science.

The German artist/musician Carsten Nicolai uses electronic sound and visual art as a kind of hybrid-tool to create his own microscopic view of creative processes. His world looks more like a laboratory, constantly morphing in space and time, influenced by the impulses of this media world. Sound, the message as code, becomes the primary theme via visualized sound performance.

As a visual artist Nicolai seeks to overcome the separation of the sensual perceptions by making scientific phenomena like sound and light frequencies perceivable to both eyes and ears. His installations are minimalistic aesthetic.

Under the pseudonym noto, he experiments with sound to create his own code of signs, acoustic and visual symbols, and as alva noto he leads those experiments into the field of electronic music. He is part of the collective Rastermusic (DE), with Frank Bretschneider and Olaf Bender.

Further aspects of his works consider the integration of chance as well as the inspection of the interchanging relations of micro and macro structures. Special interest he also puts on so-called self-organizing processes.



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