Claudia de Azevedo Borges

Tatibrazil [foto © Jan Sprij]

Claudia de Azevedo Borges

Maria Claudia de Azevedo Borges aka Tatibrazil (BR/NL)

Tatibrazil aka Maria Claudia de Azevedo Borges hails from São Paulo, Brazil where she graduated in Clinical Psychology.

Her official life as an artist began in Rotterdam where, after 10 years of busying herself with oil paint, she was seduced by the Internet.

As part of her practice is exploring women's issues, she trains and designs critical bots using female identity, language and narratives. Her methods are highly unorthodox, using the material of conversation and jargon as a means of information gathering.

Currently, it is claimed, that she collaborates with the ethereal being known as Joy Evidence.


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