Davide Quadrio

Davide Quadrio; photo: Jan Sprij

Davide Quadrio

Davide Quadrio (IT) is a curator.

Davide Quadrio manages BizArt Art Centre in Shanghai, the first creative lab not for profit and independent in China. Through BizArt and its team, he organizes exhibitions, work-shops and artistic activities: sourcing venues and sponsorships, designing spaces, dealing with the media.

Over the last seven years, he organized over 150 exhibitions and events in China and abroad, developing relationships with local and foreign institutions in China, building up an energetic independent art space in Shanghai. He works now in close collaboration with foreign governments like French Government, Pro Helvetia, Dutch Government, Canadian Art Council etc.

Quadrio is responsible for the UK Art Council's artists-in-residence project in Shanghai as local partner (end September 2006). He has been appointed Creative Director of Bund18 creative space, where he organized Vivienne Westwood's Exhibition together with V&A, and is organizing the the Droog Design exhibition tour China 2006 (Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei), as well as the solo exhibition by Olivo Barbieri, Site_specific during 2006 Shanghai Biennale.

On the cultural policy side, he is actively working in strengthening relationship between Europe and Asia and he is connected to in-between informal network of independent art spaces in Asia and Europe. He is currently working on a book project on Shanghainese artists and the recent cultural development in Shanghai. The book will be launched in fall 2007.

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