Ellen Pau

Ellen Pau (HK) is a filmmaker, media artist and curator.

Ellen Pau

Ellen Pau

Born in Hong Kong, Ellen Pau made her first super-8 in 1984. Being a self-taught artist, she worked as a MTV director, cinematographer, video artist, curator, educator and arts administrator.

She started her international career in 1995 at the Kwangiu Biennale in Korea, curated by Kim Hon-Yee and Nam-June Paik.

Ellen Pau is the co-founder and artistic director for the media art organisation Videotage, and a member and curator of the organizing committee for the Microwave International Media Art Festival, Hong Kong since 1996.

A radiographer by profession, Pau teaches part-time in Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, as well as being a full time medical image technologist. Pau is advisor to the HK Museum of Art, the HK Art Development Council and a number of festivals.

Her online blog is on media art and network culture might (or might not) be: http://popopope.blogspot.com/

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