Eric Bolle

Eric Bolle

Eric Bolle

Eric Bolle (NL) is an architect - philosopher.

Eric Bolle, former philosophy teacher at the Hogeschool De Horst in Driebergen, and, since 2007, interim manager and senior consultant at BMC, asks himself questions such as: how can philosophy and poetry help to improve policy and leadership?

Bolle answers those questions in his publications, such as Macht en verlangen (1981), Afscheid van wat nooit geweest is (1985), Die Kunst der Differenz (1988), Tussen Architectuur en Filosofie (1992), and Filosofie en leiderschap (2005).

In Filosofie en leiderschap, Bolle, taking a cultural-philosophical standpoint, comments on the "in between." He discusses the topic of urban space in its relation to the state of exile, to literature and to politics, placing such issues between Utopia and nostalgia: "The cultural question is frightening; the problem of culture has a disintegrating influence. Speaking about one's own language and culture, one's background and identity, is a privilege reserved for minorities."

For V2_, he wrote Antisocial Scenarios for the 1992 publication Book for the Unstable Media.

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