Frank Bretschneider

Frank Bretschneider

Frank Bretschneider

Frank Bretschneider (DE/FR) is a musician, composer, video artist and co-founder of Rastermusic (raster-noton).

Frank Bretschneider is key member and founder of the prestigious Raster Music label (a collective (that includes the talented Carston Nicolai and released the 20 - 2000 series), he has critically acclaimed releases under the names Komet and Produkt. His first solo album for Mille Plateaux contains an evolutionary music built on spatial metamorphic rhythm patterns, tinkling synthetics, high frequency clicks, whirrs and machine grinding. 20 tracks of the album are the result of a computer based, modulated synthesizer system. It's easy to say that Frank Bretschneider has created some of the most influential spatial electronics of the late 90's.


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