Gregory Whitehead

Gregory Whitehead

Gregory Whitehead

Gregory Whitehead (US) is a writer and radiomaker.

Gregory Whitehead signs responsible for more than one hundred radio plays, essays and acoustic adventures, as writer, director and producer. Drawing on his background in improvised music and experimental theater, Whitehead has created a body of radiophonic work distinguished by its playfully provocative blend of text, concept, voice, music, and pure sound. These works, that have been produced for the BBC, Radio France, Australia's ABC, NPR, among others, have won him numerous awards, including a Sony Gold Awards for the 2005 production of Normi Noel's No Background Music, with Sigourney Weaver.

Whitehead performs in literary cabarets and mixed media events, experiments with puppet and theater, and is a featured speaker at conferences and audio festivals worldwide.

Whitehead is the author of numerous essays exploring  language, technology, and "the public", and co-edited with Douglas Kahn Wireless Imagination: Sound, Radio and the Avant-Garde, a selective history of audio and radio art (1994). For V2_ publishing, he wrote the essay Radio Art Le Mômo in Book for the Unstable Media (1992).

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