Guadalupe Garcia

Guadalupe García performing Regression 500

Guadalupe Garcia

Guadalupe García (US) belongs to a rare specie of Mexican female performance artists.

Guadalupe García is one of the few female Mexican performance artists. She uses her body as a medium to confront, express and explore the border of the 'ethically' acceptable as much as questioning her own identity as a Mexican-American citizen and woman. In her work, US-American and Mexican themes are then mingled in such a way that the analytical, result-based American 'way of life' is being criticized by a colorful, loud Mexican angle. It is part of her intention to question the American cultural paradigm. She achieves this through a combination of humour, irony and subversive acts. She combines different disciplines in her work, such as visual arts, sculpture, poetry, sound, language and performance. She uses stilistic and visual elements from her own tradition, to mix them up with a contemporary visual arts tradition, while breaking dogmas along the way. This mix, that she developed through years of dialogue with the so-called 'global culture,' parallels a refusal to be categorized. Her work breaks through the constricting 'branding' of feminism. Nature, culture, mythology, history and language come together in: a performance.

bio: 1992

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