Hermen Maat

Hermen Maat (NL) is an interactive installation artist, working with Karen Lancel.

Hermen Maat

Hermen Maat; photo, 1995, Jan Sprij

Hermen Maat develops his artwork in collaboration with Karen Lancel (as Lancelmaat) where they create "meeting places" in public spaces. 

Hermen Maat designs interactive installations and situations using different new media. In this context he researches the relation between individual identity and social context. His installations are based on the tension between the recognition and definition of boundaries of an own identity and the sharing of a collective space; the encounter with the other and where this boundary becomes fluid again.

Hermen Maat studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, and Jan van Eijck Academy Maastricht. He is professor of Media Art at the Minerva Academie Groningen, HKU Utrecht.


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