Isidora Markou

Isidora Markou (GR) is a communication and marketing specialist.

Isidora Markou

Isidora Markou

Isidora Markou studied Marketing and Communication at Athens University of Economics and Business, and then Media and Journalism at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her master thesis was titled Embracing Modernity: Museums and New Media. Researching Interactivity on Museum Websites. Other projects included SKYPE: Entertainment or Communication?, Photography and Cultural Value on Web 2.0 or MTV GREECE: A Case Study.

Being a proud member of the Paracoon Dance Company, ballet is important to Isidora; as are photography, and cinema.

Before coming to V2_, as Communication and PR intern for the Protei project during the summer of 2011, Isidora worked as Communications Officer for the NGO Paraplegics Association of Greece.!/isid85

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