Jean-Pierre Aube

Jean-Pierre Aubé [foto: Emmanuelle Léonard]

Jean-Pierre Aube

Jean-Pierre Aubé (CA) reflects on nature and scientific research.

Artist and programmer Jean-Pierre Aubé holds an MFA from the Université du Québec in Montréal. In his work he has consistently used recuperative technology and data acquisition systems to question nature. Since 2000, Aubé has worked on capturing the sounds of the aurora borealis through very low frequency receivers. His VLF.Natural Radio project was presented as a performance installation and lecture. In 2004 he created Save the Waves, an 20.000 watt ocotophonic sound system able to monitor electromagnetic perturbations in real time, as well as Nocturne, a piece for 8 LEDs, 2 photocells and a lighthouse.


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