Jelle Valk

Jelle Valk (NL) is a young designer with a background in typography, graffiti and graphic design.

Jelle Valk recently graduated at the Minerva Academy in Groningen after completing an internship at the Amsterdam-based graphic design agency Total Identity. He did an exchange program at Auckland University of Technology where he attended courses in Graphic Design, 3D Animation and Computer Modeling. Over the past years, Jelle moved away from a focus on printed matter to a focus on new media. He tries to stay at the surface-level of digital technology to keep his artistic aims modest and understandable. His current ambition is to apply projection mapping technology to project on moving objects.

Together with Olav Huizer and 3 others, Jelle founded the WERC artist collective, which focuses on new media design approaches mixing animation, video, typography, graphic design, audio, sculpture and architecture.


Jelle Valk and Olav Huizer are developing Moving 3D Mapping as part of the Summer Sessions 2011.

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