Jocelyn Robert

Jocelyn Robert [Centaure]

Jocelyn Robert

Jocelyn Robert (CA) is a composer, performer and writer.

Jocelyn Robert studied pharmacy then architecture. He worked with audio art, performance, video, acoustic installations, composing interactive computer pieces, talking and writing about new media.

In 1983, he founded Avatar, an artist-run centre in Quebec City, that is a laboratory for the creation, production, and dissemination of sound and electronic art. Jocelyn Robert's practice is characterized by a particular commitment to collaborative work, such as with Emile Morin and Daniel Jolliffe (for installations), or the performances with Diane Landry, Laetitia Sonami and Bruit TTV, or David Michaud and Boris Firquet for Documenta in Kassel.

His works has been shown and performed in the United States, Mexico, Poland, Austria, Germany, France and Canada. He has participated in numerous festivals and events around the world, which earned him awards and prizes.

Jocelyn Robert lives and works in Quebec City, where he teaches at l'École des arts visuels de l'Université Laval, Quebec.


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