Jonas Hansen

Jonas Hansen (*Hielscher) (DE) researches and works with experimental games and media installations.

Jonas Hansen

After his graduation in December 2003 at the Utrecht school of the Arts, with the abstract computer game called qbic presented a. o. at the international games research conference "Level Up" in Utrecht. 

During his studies, he developed experimental games that use real world properties as game elements. He used a web cam in the game For The Birdz as a motion tracking device; in the game Wanderer GPS signals are used to monitor people"s motions and in the game CollecTic existing WLAN points are used as game elements.

Another successful art installation is Reaction Machine. A machine constructed out of different kind of technology, that plays with the intimate field of tension between people. It was already presented at several public events, a. o. the design conference "Profile Intermedia" in Bremen (Germany) and in MART Museum of Modern Art in Rovereto Italy during the "Participatory Design Conference".

Jonas Hansen set up the foundation Stichting together with three colleagues. Stichting is a foundation that supports young New Media artists and initiates projects in which digital media is combined with traditional narrative art forms. With "Stichting" he worked on interactive theater performances and installations like the dance performance 4by3 and the RFID installation Dat-a, presented in theaters in Utrecht.

During his studies and with "Stichting" Jonas worked on different kinds of multimedia projects, like 3D animations, computer games, interactive theater performances and installations. One of his first projects was being co-author of the 3D animation Intentio Luminis, which was nominated for the student contest of the Holland Animation Film Festival 2002. 

Next to his practical work Jonas does theoretical research on games, especially their relation to art and performance. He also gives workshops in 3D stage design, "Machinima" - making films with games and "Physical Computing" with Max/MSP and Arduino.

Since 2007 he works at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne as a researcher and teacher in 3D Animation and interaction.

Jonas Hansen (formerly Hielscher) participated in the Test_Lab: PLAY! on July 12, 2007, and in the Test_Lab: Better Than Reality on December 11, 2008.

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