Joost Rekveld

For artist Joost Rekveld (NL) "light matters".

Joost Rekveld

Joost Rekveld

Joost Rekveld has been making abstract films and light installations since 1991, originally starting out from the idea of visual music for the eye. He has been making most of his animated films with optical and mechanical setups, using the computer as a controller and composition machine in order to orchestrate the precise movements of optical components. Out of the tools he had developed for his films, often inspired by the lesser frequented by-ways in the history of science and technology, grew his installation work. Joost's interest in the spatial aspects of light triggered a shift away from the screen, towards more architectural and theatrical forms of work.


Joost Rekveld (1970) lives in Rotterdam, where he makes abstract films and kinetic installations. He started making these out of a fascination for the emotive power of moving colour. While studying composition of electronic music he was heavily influenced by the approach used by post-serial composers such as Xenakis. This led him to base his work on what he considers the fundamentals of moving image technology; the way in which it comes to grips with the flux of the world by dividing time in atoms. His most recent work is entirely based on spatial and temporal interferences, making use of very elementary mechanical scanning principles.


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