Josephine Bosma

Josephine Bosma (NL) is a writer and critic on net art.

Josephine Bosma

Josephine Bosma [mediamatics]

Josephine Bosma lives and works in Amsterdam. From an art background, she is a journalist and author in the fields of art, new media and media theory, focusing on art, sound and performance on the internet, as well as cyberfeminism and media politics.

From 1991-1998, she worked for the radio (first for Radio Patapoe, an Amsterdam pirate Radio Station, later for the national Dutch VPRO). Bosma organized the radio section of the next5minutes mediafestival 2 and 3, and was editor of the streaming media sections of the nettime book ReadMe and the n5m3 workbook.


Since 1996, she has regularly publishes texts and interviews on- and offline (nettime, Telepolis, Mute, Metropolis M, UHK, Switch). Her offline-publications include Net Art: Building Something out of Nothing in the V2_ publication aRt&D from 2005, the Ars Electronica '97 catalogue, the book cyberfeminizam edited by Igor Markovich and the book netzkunst edited by Verena Kuni.

She has given lectures about net art in the K├╝nstlerhaus Bethanien and Stedelijk Bureau and State Academy of Visual Arts Stuttgart, and she has lectured about and sound art at Recycling the Future, Netradiodays or Futuresonic.

In 2001 Josephine Bosma initiated the newsletter for net art criticism Cream:

Her archive can be found on

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