Karl Klomp

Karl Klomp (NL, 1979), is a media artist, vj and theater technician.

Karl Klomp

Karl Klomp mltn02

In his research Karl Klomp focusses on live audiovisual expressions and interfacing. His work shows a fascination for glitch-art, hyperkinetic audio visuals and glitch grabbing. He deals with video circuit bending, frame grabbing, hardware interfacing, and max programming. He also makes video hardware tools for other artists, and regularly gives audio/video circuit bending workshops, often in collabaration with Gijs Gieskes. He is theater technician for Toneelgroep Amsterdam. Together with Tom Verbruggen (a.k.a. Toktek) he performs as VJ MNK and plays live AV-performances (toktek vs mnk).


Karl Klomp:  http://www.karlklomp.nl

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