Katie Vann

Katie Vann

Katie Vann

Katie Vann (NL) is a social theorist and organizational ethnographer.

Katie Vann works with the Virtual Knowledge Studio in Amsterdam (of which she is a Founding Member) and with the Center for Science, Technology and Society at Santa Clara University.

She researches the cultural and institutional technologies of neoliberal sociality and political-economic order. Past and ongoing work has focused on the classification of work, the political implications of the discrepancy between formal and informal work, and the business implications of late 20th century social studies of knowledge.
Current empirical research focuses on the organization of transnational water governance, with an emphasis on the cultural construction of policy formation, water management procedures, and accountability regimes. The project on water management investigates the political rationality of a contemporary transnational water management paradigm (IWRM), its communicative and normative status as a form of globally circulated 'soft law', and its manifestation in the representational/classificatory practices of the United Nations in its assessment of the legitimacy of the water management activities of Nation States.

Katie Vann has a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of California, San Diego, as well as degrees in Interdisciplinary Social Science (MA) and Continental Philosophy (BA). She has published in a range of social science and humanities journals. She was born and raised in Louisiana, and lives in San Francisco.



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