Kitsou Dubois

Wiretap 6.11: Kitsou Dubois

Kitsou Dubois

Kitsou Dubois (FR) is a choreographer, and first artist to work in Zero Gravity.

French choreographer Kitsou Dubois was the first artist to use the medium of Zero Gravity. Since 1991 she made twelve parabolic flights with the French Space Agency, first alone, then with other dancers.
She has during her flights with the French Space Agency developed new protocols for dancing in zero gravity and proposed a training for astronauts derived from dance techniques. She was awarded her PhD on the basis of her researches into the dancers body in Zero Gravity.
Currently artist-in-residence at London's Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, her research has inspired a peer-reviewed science project by Imperial College's Bio-Dynamics group led by Professor Bob Schroter to use TMS (trans-cranial magnetic stimulation) to test the dancers responses in zero G. This has been accepted as an experiment by the European Space Agency and is scheduled to fly in May 2001. Her work, Fluid Trajectories was  filmed in Zero G at the Yuri Gagarin Training Centre, Star City, Moscow.

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