Kristine Stiles

Kristine Stiles (US) is an art historian concerned with the representation of destruction, violence, and trauma in art.

Kristine  Stiles

Kristine Stiles []

Kristine Stiles is a specialist in contemporary art and theory, with a focus on performance art and other interdisciplinary experimental art practices; her research is specially concerned with the representation of destruction, violence, and trauma in art. In 1993, she coined the term 'cultures of trauma' to theorize visual representations of trauma in art, literature, film, and society; and she has published widely in international art journals, as well as taught and lectured internationally on the subject.

Her publications include  Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings (co-edited with Peter Selz, 1996), Out of Actions: Between Performance and the Object, 1949-1979 (with Paul Schimmel, 1998); she co-edited several artist monographies, such as on Valie Export (2000), Carolee Schneemann (2001), Chris Burden (2005), Marina Abramovic (2008)

Kristine Stiles is professor of Art History at Duke University. She is the recipient of Duke University's Richard K. Lublin Distinguished Award for Teaching (1994), and the recipient of numerous fellowships, including a J. William Fulbright to Romania (1995) and a Solomon R. Guggenheim (2000) for her work on documentary photography of the nuclear age.

For V2_, she wrote Selected Comments on Destruction Art for the Book for the Unstable Media (1992).

Stiles is also an artist and equestrian.

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