Kuan Huang / 黄宽

Kuan Huang (CN/US) is a software engineer and new media artist.

Kuan Huang / 黄宽

Kuan Huang; twitter.com/#!/huangkuan

In 2004, in order to let his artistic side of his brain breath the freedom of life, Kuan Huang came to New York City to pursue his master degree in Interactive Telecommunications Program of Tisch School of Art, New York University. His art works vary from interactive musical instrument, cell phone based video installation, interactive public projection and etc. His works have been exhibited in Sony Wonder Tech Lab, Chelsea Museum of Art, Eyebeam and New York University. Kuan Huang together with Yuchen Chiu and Chun Xi Jiang are the founders of the Chinese new media art blog Villagypsy. They are hoping that Villagypsy can serve as a bridge that links the new media industry between USA and China.


bio: 2006

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