Liam Bannon

Liam Bannon

Liam Bannon

Liam Bannon (IE) heads the Interaction Design Centre at the University of Limerick and is co-founder of EUSSET.

Liam Bannon is Director of the Interaction Design Center (IDC) and Professor of Computer Science, Dept. of Computer Science & Information Systems at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Liam is interested in improving the utility, usability, and desirability of the computational artifacts we design. He has been involved in examining alternative conceptual and methodological frameworks for understanding human activities, and their mediation by various technologies. This quest for more adequate explanatory frames has lead him to examine aspects of activity theory, ethnomethodology, and phenomenology. Liam takes an understanding of use as being a prerequisite for design, and wishes to understand human practices. He also wishes to encourage a more participative approach towards the design field. Liam emphasizes the cooperative nature of human work and its implications for design, and has played a major role in developing CSCW issues in Europe - being a founding editor of the CSCW: The Journal of Collaborative Computing. More recently, he has become involved in exploring the field of Interaction Design, as an emerging, and distinct interdisciplinary field that has particular pertinence in this age of ubiquitous technology. Together with the rest of the IDC team, Liam is exploring how to create novel interactive media and infrastructures that will hopefully enhance different aspects of people's lives. Liam Bannon is also co-founder of EUSSET - the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies


source: http://www.idc.ul.ie/people/liam-bannon


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