Luc Courchesne

Luc Courchesne

Luc Courchesne

Luc Courchesne (CA) is a video artist and researcher into experimental interactive new media.

Luc Courchesne was born in 1952 in St-Léonard d'Aston, Québec. He studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax (Bachelor of Design in Communication, 1974), and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (Master of Science in Visual Studies, 1984). He began his explorations in interactive video in 1984 when he co-authored Elastic Movies, one of the earliest experiments in the field with Ellen Sebring, Benjamin Bergery, Bill Seaman and others. He has since produced several installations including Encyclopedia Chiaroscuro (1987), Portrait One (1990), Family Portrait (1993), Hall of Shadows (1996), Landscape One (1997), Passages (1998), and Rendez-vous (1999). In July 2000, he premiered at Siggraph the Panoscope 360, the first single channel panoramic viewer. Based in Montreal, Luc Courchesne is professor of Information Design at University of Montreal and president of the Technological Art Society.


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