Maarten Lamers

Maarten Lamers

Maarten Lamers

Maarten Lamers (NL) is a lecturer, and co-founder of Multimax and LaserMaxx.

Maarten Lamers is assistant professor. He holds a computer science Master’s degree from Utrecht University specializing in neural networks and image processing, and a PhD from Leiden University after researching neural network techniques for data analysis in environmental epidemiology, by assignment of the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Since 2002 Maarten Lamers works for Leiden University’s Media Technology programme. Among scientific tasks, Maarten teaches Artificial Intelligence, Perceptualization (with Edwin van der Heide), and Creative Research (with Bas Haring). Each year he teaches a special class about programming Arduino boards. Maarten supervises many graduation projects, and is a member of the Media Technology Programme Board. His scientific interests are broad and include human-robot interaction and bio-digital hybrid systems.

Maarten co-founded the LaserMaxx lasergame brand, a major brand of lasergames in Europe, and still designs game technology.


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