Manray Hsu

Manray Hsu

Manray Hsu

Manray Hsu (TW/DE) is an independent curator and writer based between Taiwan and Berlin.

Manray Hsu's intellectual work focuses on cultural conditions of globalization, the relationship between aesthetics and politics, and geopolitical situations of contemporary art.

Manray Hsu's curated exhibitions include 2000 Taipei Biennial: The Sky Is the Limit (co-curated with Jerome Sans, Taipei Fine Arts Museum); The Good Place: An International Cityscape Intervention (2001, co-curated with Hongjohn Lin, Taichung City, Taiwan); How Big Is the World? (2002, O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria; 2003 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts); Wayward Economy (2005, co-curated with Maren Richter, Taipei); Wronged Attitudes (2006, co-curated with Maren Richter, Sparwasser HQ Berlin, Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris); 2006 Liverpool Biennial (co-consulted/curated with Gerardo Mosquera); Naked Life (2006, co-curated with Maren Richter, Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art); Cracks on the Highway (2007, MAC Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro); 2008 Taipei Biennial (co-curated with Vasif Kortun, Taipei Fine Arts Museum).

Manray Hsu often engages in collective work on workshop, conference and publication.

His conference presentations include: Biennials in Dialogue: International Symposium (2000, Museum Fridericianum Kassel); International Conference: 7th Istanbul International Biennial of Contemporary Art, (2001, Istanbul); Changing: State of Affairs, 2nd International Curators Workshop, (2001, Seoul); The First International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory: Exchanges in Contemporary Art – Chronicles, Controversies, Bridges, (SITAC 2002, Mexico City); Curating Now (2003, Los Angeles Arts Exhibition); New Media Art and New Economy (2004, "Media on the Move" International Conference, Shi-shin University, Taipei); Network Cosmopolitanism, (2004, Res Artis International Conference, Sydney & Melbourne); The Possible Post-Biological Art (2005 ARCO Forum, Madrid); Asian Forum (2005, Gwangju Biennale 2006); City Breaks: Art and Culture in Times of Expediency (Liverpool Biennial 2006); Curating and Localities (Taipei Biennial 2006 "Dirty Yoga" International Forum).

Manray Hsu served as a jury member for the 49th Venice Biennale and a jury member of the Unesco Prize for the 7th Istanbul Biennial in 2001, as well as for the 2006 Hermes Prize for Korean Contemporary Artists.

an interview with Manray Hsu: http://www.iias.nl/iiasn/26/asianart/26ART2.html

video interview with Barbara Borcic: http://www.worldofart.org/current/archives/72

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