Marcel de Vries

Marcel de Vries

Marcel de Vries

Marcel de Vries (NL) is an artist. Together with he forms the collective "Waanzin Producties".

2005 Marked the beginning of Marcel de Vries' artistic adventures. While he was in the second year of Academie Minerva, Groningen, De Vries got the opportunity to get into a contest at the World Expo in Japan. The theme was focussed on nature and technology. De Vries adopted this theme in his body of work. 
Most of his (mostly large scale) works focus on very small natural occurances for example the transient effect of light on water. More recently his work is shifting gradually towards sound. But also patterns or the lack of them (seemingly chaotic behaviours) find a way into De Vries' work.

Marcel de Vries on his graduation project to be shown at V2_ as part of Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition 2012:

"Deconstructing these moments uses technology, gathering data from one place and reconstructing it in a controlled environment somewhere else. With my latest installation i'm focussing on sound, researching the aspects of wind and the type of sound/noise/patterns/experience it generates. The installation makes use of roughly 500 speakers to mimic a foliage with the intend of people walking or standing below it giving them the experience of an actual/audial situation outside. The data like wind speed and direction comes from an anemometer and wind vane on the roof of the building my installation is in."
"Because of the size of this piece (a grid well more then 5 x 5 square meters) i've choosen to bring a 'light' yet fully functional version of this piece to the V2 Test_Lab."

Together with Gerard Eikelboom, Marcel de Vries forms the collective "Waanzin Producties".

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