Marcus Kirsch

Marcus Kirsch

Marcus Kirsch

Marcus Kirsch (DE/UK) is a technoartist, new media designer and programmer, who connects physical and digital space.

Amongst his projects are award winning installation Urban Eyes as well as RCA-Fighter, Clone Pointer, Amalgam and BeatBattle. These projects that are based on a wide range of media from web over interactive objects to spacial installations. He is the founder of ResonanceDesign, a creative consulting and production agency and is currently working for the Science Museum, London, UK as current and future media designer.
Marcus Kirsch holds a BA in Graphic Design, an MA in Interaction Design from Royal College of Art in London, after which he worked as researcher at the Media Lab Europe in Dublin and returned to London in 2002, where he works as international artist, designer, programmer and consultant.
His work has been shown widely, such as at the 2004 Seoul Biennale, at the E-Culture Fair, Rotterdam International Film Festival and the DEAF Festival.
He received several awards, including a silver Art Directors Club NY, and a 2004’s fusedspace.com international urban technology competition together with Jussi Angesleva.


Marcus Kirsch was Artist-in-Resident at the V2_ in 2005.

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